Description of accredited services

Applicant for issuing of an accredited service will go stepwise through a process, consisting of several phases.

All filling in of the requested data is available to be done well before in calmness of home or work. It is an easy web application, where one is not in a rush. The only thing what you need is an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc.), active internet connection (it is only character-based communication without high demands on the internet connection bandwith) and carefulness when filling in the forms.

We would like you to be clear about everything when filling in. In all forms related to this are descriptions including a sample template. If some description will not be comprehensible, you can contact us, and we will help you and perhaps alter the description so that next time it would be clear.

Exact rules are stated in relevant certification politics.

Acquisition certificates

1. Phase – Creation of customer account

If you are interested in our offer and you want to become our client, click on the Registration on the left.

First, give us first name, surname, choose your login name of your customer account and give an email address, to which you have an exclusive access. On this email address we will send You personal correspondence in accordance to providing services (contracts, proclamations and warnings etc.). The first message which will be delivered, will be a password for logging into your personal account. You certainly do not want this information to get to trespassers.

Now you have a login name (you chose it) and password (listed in the email) and you can log into your account. You will be asked to fill other data which are requested for providing of services. We ask you again to be careful so that all data would exactly correspond to the documents with which authenticity you will be certifying later on.

2. Phase – Customer account

You enter this phase by clicking on the link Login on the left.

Your customer account have your data, list of orders of services in process and list of provided services with possibility of its order. As a part of the list are also the information about the status in which is the item. On the list of your issued certificates is for example stated if the certificate is valid or was revocated, at in process items is listed if it is for example in status of waiting for formal control or for the payment to be passed as credit to our account etc. Here you can also ask for revocation of certificate, for change in some personal data or you can supplement data with another email account (now it can be even shared by several individuals – for example electronic registry of Office) or you can supply your job position in organisation etc.

3. Phase – Ordering of service

In this phase you compile requested data according to the ordered service, possibly fill in another requested information and you go through according to another directions. Your request is formally checked, possible insufficiencies is possible to eliminate. If you are sure that everything is allright, thruthfully and fully filled in you pass the order on to further processing. You will get a proposal of contract and you will be asked to pay an advance payment for taking the delivery of the service. After accepting the contract and your payment put to our account, will be active availability of generating the key pairs and you could pick the date of your visit in Registration place. We try to shorten as much as possible the time, when is the key pairs without the certificate in your system. During this time we do not recommend updating your system or product, which operates with the storage of the keys.

4. Phase – The visit in the Registration place

During the visit in the Registration place you certify that data given by you are truth, full and exact. During this process in our Registration place, we also create copies of documents or records or we keep the originals, with which the data were certified. If the Operator of the Registration place is sure with right certification and you sign the contract about providing service and eventually other requested documents, you will be immediately issued and given the certificate. The certificate will be also available for you in your customer account. Because here it does not happen to inserting data (all are filled in advance) your visit will be really short.

Acquisition time stamps

Registered users - individuals

In the case of a new registration or renewal of certificate can be retained within the Customer Account Services from the menu to order a package of qualified time stamps. Current pricing information can be found in the Prices tab.

Organizations - legal entities

For details, visit Description of services of qualified time stamps.
If interested in providing qualified time stamps, please refer to your request on our contact email: or

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